Five Jane Hall brief introduction

Jiangsu Five Jane Hall   co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Five Jane Hall") was founded in Suqian city, jiangsu province.Suqian is the hometown of the west chu king with long history and cultural prosperity. Based on the state's contribution tothe massive health industry, and based on the painstaking research of the founderand his team on the health care and beauty industry,from which Five Jane Hallarose .Now the company is committed to creating the benchmark of local brandsin China.

Five Jane Hall is a company which integrates research and development, trade, online and offline promotion as one of the new retail model and based Internet sales.At present,the group is mainly engaged in hotels, agriculture, vintage wine and liqueur,   renowned tea, cosmetics, health care products and other industries .its subsidiaries are respectively jiangsu five Jane hall trade Co.Ltd.,jiangsu five Jane hall biotech Co.,Ltd., jiangsu's Leishi cosmetics Co., Ltd.,jiangsu sino-germany nobility hotel investment management Co., Ltd., jiangsu joint creation harvest agricultural technology Co., Ltd.

Five Jane Hall founded and based in suqian, radiate across the whole country 。At present , it has a mature business operation center,such as,electrical business operations, technical training, agents operating center,hairdressing health experience store so that it absolutely can manage the business model of nationwide operation model output, product output, technology output。As an old saying goes: "detail decides success or failure,"Since the foundation ,five Jane hall elites devoted themselves toproducts details on development and based on Human-oriented design,enthusiasm to provide sales service, good faith to resolve after-sales problem;Combining traditional Chinese medicine philosophy with modern technology, the company has launched successively the "Jane beauty" and "Jane health" series products 。 The high end products and affordable priceare bound to lead to the new concept of national beauty products and healthy products 。Only in this way, the company has gained wider social recognition and established a good brand reputation。

In order to make your life healthier and more beautiful, Five Jane Hall will seize the opportunities and ride the tide to make further innovation by one step at a time。

Contact us

Address : 15 floor, Jinpeng international, 1588 Hongze Hu Road, Suqian, Jiangsu

Tel : 400-098-1889

Mail : jswzt88@sina。com

Website: www。wztjt。cn

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