Brand interpretation

The Brand meaning of "Five Jane Hall" hasbeen sorted, refined and transformed so as to make it become correct and moreperfect ; moreover,Five Jane Hall has a strong Chinesestyle ,whosetheme is rooted in the country, carrying forward the quintessence oftraditional Chinese studies and creating excelsior treasure of the time.

The word "" is graceful,zigzag ,dignified and rigorous; striving to achieve the ideal through the process ofthe iterative process; by analogy, any product launched by an enterprise whichcan be finally turned out as a piece of treasure through innumerable hard work,scientific experiment, ceaseless craft improvement  

""is a Chinese calligraphy, which is natural and unrestrained ;the "FiveJane Hall" is the standard song style, which is supplemented by a gilding-tinted filling, both forms a strong contrast, deepand stable coordination; meantime,it has visual impact.

The core culture of Five Jane Hall

1、The Vision of Five Jane Hall:

We, with integrity,devote ourselves to carve the most trustworthy health brand

2、The Mission of Five Jane Hall

We, propagandize the health and beauty infinitely

3、The Core Value of Five Jane Ha

Kindness, rightness,propriety, wisdom and trustworthiness

4、Olln Tao of Five Jane Hall

1)The Tao of behaving oneself:

        Righteousnesspledged  ;Modestandgentle ;Forming theworld fries。

2) The Tao of cultivating oneself :

     Wise see wisdom; Showing love and doing good; Fighting in thesame boat。

3)The Tao of operating :

              Sunshine career ; Wisdom and Pragmatic ; Honest and Trustworthy。

         (4)The Tao of pursuing profit:

               To benefit the nation and the people;

               To Compliance with regulations and conducive to action;

               To benefit other people as well as oneself .

          5、Soul of Five Jane Hall

         We, with integrity,devote ourselves to carve the most trustworthy health brand

         We, writing health with conscience and wisdom!

         We, taking action to restore consumer trust in the health industry !

         We, practice together with the idea of benevolence see benevolence !

         We, do not do pompous advertisement, only to be the emissary of big love !

         We, propagandize the health and beauty infinitely!

       THIS IS US - Five Jane Hall

Contact us

Address : 15 floor, Jinpeng international, 1588 Hongze Hu Road, Suqian, Jiangsu

Tel : 400-098-1889

Mail : jswzt88@sina。com

Website: www。wztjt。cn

Corporate flag company






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